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The Technologies I am Learning in 2022

The world of programming is growing so quick so here is my short list of tech that I want to learn in the new year

— Jan 9, 2022

Why I CopyLeft

Why everything I put on the internet is free in every aspect and why you should consider it too

— Oct 12, 2021

Labels and its Adhesive

The issues with labels in the current queer spaces

— Sep 4, 2021

Aggregated Aiming Resources

Everything you need related to the training of aim. From routines to videos and everything in between

— Jul 15, 2021

Why Higher CPI is Always Better

As more and more people pick up a gaming mouse it's important to understand what all the settings mean for your mouse and if 400 DPI or 800 DPI is good enough or is there better

— Jun 4, 2021

Arena FPS: The Final Death of the Genre

The player numbers for Arena FPS's have been decreasing for years but can new games help revive this 15-year dead genre or is this the final nail in the coffin.

— Nov 18, 2020

Hitscan Dodging 101

AD strafe spamming is old and there is better

— Nov 9, 2020

How to Find the Best Sensitivity

Contrary to popular beliefs, there is no perfect sensitivity. Still, you can have an excellent sensitivity that has the benefits to you and the game/ aim style that you want to optimize for, but there will never be the best sensitivity that will be able to do everything the best

— Jun 22, 2020

Aim Coaching 101

— May 21, 2020