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Focal Length vs Turn Circumference for ADS Sensitivity

Tags: gaming maths

Why is there a debate between ads focal length scaling and 1:1 sensitivity matching for Apex Legends ADS. How apex’s per ads sens works is it’s a focal length scaled value from hipfire and the value is a multiplier to that. Keeping ads one is an objectively better ads function because the change of FoV happens, the feel of your sens changes because of how much more stuff is moving across your screen per the same movement. So the feel is matched with the focal length scaled value of ads 1. This helps also with the precision at longer ranges

Now the other method is matching the true sensitivity increment for both hip fire and 1st ads. This makes it so you move the same distance of your mouse the angle of rotation is the same. The issue with this is the difference in feel and the decreased precision. That is helpful at longer ranges, not to say that the often value that goes around is off a lot of the time for 110 degrees FoV and is defiantly off when different aspect ratios are taken into account.

It’s also used so you can know the exact sens of your ads to change but that still can be easily calculated. And the last point is that it’s a smooth transition between the ads and hipfire but it’s clear that in reality, the feel changes even if the sensitivity stays the same.

While focal length scaling is not perfect it can get quite close to matching the perceived feel.