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Hey my nickname is Anima and I am an 18y/o student from a small country of New Zealand, my hobbies include playing video games (not much anymore), maths, philosophy (with writing some small essays which I might post here), and a small amount of writing random snippets of code for various projects.

I used to play video games competitively starting with tf2 way back then branching into Fortnite which was my first true push of mine and winning a few tournaments with various teams. Then a small stop-off in Overwatch where I solo climbed to Masters sym and 76 only but really didn’t get too far into the comp scene apart from the blip of the goat’s meta. Now the final place where I truly thrived, that being arena fps’s and aim trainers which is prob where you know me from. I had a huge fixation on aim for the whole year of 2019 and the start of 2020 so the only evolution to harness this power would be in Quake and the new indie game on the horizon at the time called Diabotical which I quickly hopped into for 2020-2021 where again placed in some tournaments.

So now we are in the present, with fewer video games and more focusing on my studies going into majors in Computer Science and Mathematics. I will try to keep this blog/articles maintained and with some good content for the internet and to hold my thoughts which are often only contained in my plethora of notes.

Email: [email protected]

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